Caspar Viereckel  
Caspar Viereckel writes

I had the pleasure to visit your town in early November [2017] when traveling up the coast with my wife Anna. We stopped, took the obligatory picture at the crossroads and I had a quick chat with a gentleman named Michael. I want to thank you anyway for telling me about your homepage and the "hall of fame" which I definitely want to be on. I haven't had the fortune to meet so many Caspars at one single place before ...nor have I ever been at a Wall of Fame before ;-).

My name is Caspar Viereckel, 35 years old, and I live in British Columbia, Canada, together with my wife Anna. We moved here from Germany in 2015, seeking for a life more adventurous and more in the outdoors than would be possible in Germany.

We now live in a school bus, that we transformed into a small and cosy home. We work as camping and hiking guides in the Rocky Mountains, at the local ski resort Apex Mountain and I occasionally work in my profession as an Architect and Carpenter.

In Germany, my name always caused a smile in peoples faces, as it's very uncommon as a first name and reminds of the "Kasperle" - a clown figure in kids stories! I was often asked if that was joke... Here, I can always refer to the friendly ghost, which works same as good..even though both namsakes donīt spell the same!

Having found a whole town that bears my (our) name made me really happy and a bit proud, specially as it appears to be a really beautiful place.

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posted 28 November 2017