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Gorse Abatement 2020 Status

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information accurate as of 19 October 2020
owneracreswho pays
W complete 9/21 private contributions
Haglund8 or 12.5?$8,000$12,000$5,313100%county + CC
Managhan6$4,000$6,000$11,000100%county + CC
W-3 owner contributed $3,000
W-9 Holy Goats (county pays); process if funds available
Nelson$1,425$1,425$1,425100%CC + private
W $1000 contribution received, adjacent to Managhan
Karlin7$4,000$8,000$11,25080%county + CC
E-5 extremely old gorse, expected to cost more; BIG progress
Buechner3$750$1,250$9,750100%county + CC
E-6 66% old Gorse
Crockett3$2,000$4,000$1,250100%county + CC
Jug Handle$1,000CC
E in return for admin work on project; wintertime hand work

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