Jennifer Kreger's Vision
New Businesses for Caspar

Active / Open Post Office
Medical Offices
Bakery / Store
accepting SEED (local complimentary currency)
lots of cottage industries
  • toys made of recycled wood
Off-the-grid Laundromat
SEED office
(all businesses and exchanges would accept SEED or fiat dollars)
B U S I N E S S   I N C U B A T O R
  • Community "approved" Kitchen
    • Catering
    • Canning
    • Drying
    • Other food processing
  • Joint Community Sponsored Agriculture warehouse
Only one small office to coordinate learning opportunities taking place in farms, sheds, workshops, new businesses throughout the community
Another small office to coordinate fund-raising and planning required to keep Caspar itself for the next 100 years
housing units : speed limits

proposed at the the Caspar Commons Cohousing Coalition Meeting
9 January 2000

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