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Lower Fern Creek Neighborhood Meeting
July 12, 2014

Beginning July 2, 2014, Caspar Community sponsored a series of four neighborhood meetings followed by a community meeting on July 13. John Anderson and Judy Tarbell organized and led these meetings.

Marty Johnson hosted the fourth meeting on July 12, 2014. It was attended by:

Marty Johnson
John Anderson
Judy Tarbell
Liz Haapanen
Marta Gansz
Beverly & Fred Sternkopf
Rebecca Yaffe
Mary Flannery Kraut
Ava Avione
Sandra Patterson
Kris and Paul Reiber
Dalen Anderson and Paul Schulman
Diana Keplinger
Debra Dawson
Rebecca Aum
Michael Potts
Rhoda Teplow
Bette Goldfarb
Lisa and Zoey Weg
Richard Hambright

John opened the meeting talking about the disconnect between east and west Caspar created by Hwy. 1.
Michael Potts noted how consensual, resilient and kind Caspar people are. In survey, neighbors said to help each other with water.
Fred Sternkopf is happy and proud to be part of where we live. Working with Hal Ginsberg on making What’s Afoot a gallery again. Sees it as an adjunct to Caspar Community Center. Sees himself as a back-to-land, idealistic person.
Beverly Sternkopf. Works in her garden. Recently their water stopped!
Deb Dawson. Sheer luck she ended up here. Doesn’t know her neighbors. Caspar Inn a problem. Threatens the neighborhood, like drunk passing out on Jan Boyd’s sofa and she being stuck in her closet without a phone. Is worried about the RV hook-ups and RV parties on neighbors property (north side of Johnson Park Rd). Lisa Weg says the hook-ups are just for friends coming over from the valley and a RV park is not coming. Deb says she feels safe; ladders up against the wall for years.
Diana Keplinger is a USPO carrier and lives at Lisa’s.
Richard Hambright. From Australia; a biologist.
Lisa Weg. Blessed to life here. Life is easing up. Was involved in fruit and vegetable group buy which stopped for want of members.
Dalen. Neighborhood gatherings are great.
Paul Reiber. Need for signage at end of paved road so emergency and fire vehicles can find addresses on Fern Creek and Caspar Road. (see notes for Freeman’s gathering).
Kris Reiber. Lived in Caspar for 16 years. Life has flourished and grown with Caspar Community Center. She knows her neighbors, her life is full of work and grandkids.
Sandra Patterson. Has lived here for 39 years. Feels a seed for community is being planted with these meetings. She wants to be more involved.
Liz Haapanen. Merlin’s place (the old post office) is my home. Has a schizophrenic son which is a challenge. Is a cranial masseuse and a healer. Would like a list of healing professionals and what each can do.
Ava Avione. Trying to meet friends.
Mary Flannery. Lived in Caspar for 40 years. Part of the creation of Caspar Community and on bCaspar Community Board for years. Recently a cougar passing through her property and called neighbors.
Rebecca Jaffe. Lives at Fortunate Farm and involved in matters of food security. Is a furniture maker and partner with the director of C/R Fine Furniture Program. When a student in Fine Furniture Program dreamed of living in Black Bear Press apartment. Interested in land for green burials and conserving land for green burials and home funerals. Entering Ukiah nursing program in fall.
Marta Gansz. Lived in Caspar for 12 years. Growing food. Concerned about Highway One crossing.
Rhoda Teplow. Lived on coast for 45 years. Works at Ft Bragg high school with kids at risk. On Caspar Community board for long time. Shows and sells jewelry she designs and fabricates.

written by Judy Tarbell, posted 23 March 2015

first meeting: July 2: Upper Fern Creek at the Freeman's

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