Our first-phase objectives
Correct parcel boundaries to fit reality
Parcels should not cross roads. Build a road; split the parcel it crosses.
Redeploy "lost" development opportunities
Three double Rural Village parcels "lost" with sale of Headlands
Town Square will eliminate one more RV parcel
  • Reposition these RV opportunities along Caspar Street where they will not harm viewshed, and will still give "downtown Caspar" a sense of being a village with a center.
Nine homesites "lost" with sale of Headlands
  • Allocate six homesites to the Northwest parcel north of the Community Center (Schoolhouse).
  • Assign three of them to the upper "Goat Pasture" or Southeast parcel.
Designate parcels for planned development
  • The southern side of the "Pond" parcel has been identified by the community as a "sacred space" but their planning objectives for the northern half of the parcel are not yet clear. We believe that a PD designation best preserves the parcel's value while assuring that it is developed in accordance with evolving community desires.
  • We look to development of the lower "Goat Pasture" parcel to provide employment, entertainment, and residential opportunities that can best be planned, we believe, if this parcel is also designated PD.
Caspar Community's mission is to "preserve and enhance the quality of all life in Caspar" and to this end seeks to restore the village nature of the town that was lost when the mill closed in 1955 and the highway bypass was completed. The creation of State Parks-owned open space preserves the "open heart" of the village while sharing views and recreational opportunities with visitors. Congestion on Highway One and increasing energy awareness call for more local services and increased self-sufficiency in Caspar for residents and visitors alike.
We believe the present plan requires adjustment. The community has developed, with the help of the University of California, a plan that serves us better. Parcels split by road building should be split accordingly. Development opportunities lost when our principal "sacred space", the Headlands, was purchased should be moved to preserve density, as these commercial and residential sites are critical to Caspar; we have carefully determined where they may be reallocated in order to preserve viewshed while serving people. Remaining large open spaces and "sacred space" should be designated by a more plan-intensive zoning.
Throughout our planning process, we have worked hard to serve the future needs of the Caspar community while preserving the value of lands held by individuals. Our plan also protects precious resources, such as water and view corridors; we are working toward a community water system (already partially in place) to improve water quality on existing substandard parcels in the village that suffer in drought years.
With favorable rezoning, we expect to intensify the planning process with regard to hydrology, silviculture, and agriculture to enhance the productivity of our land. Our plans also include research into, among other things, the best practices for run-off control and vehicular and pedestrian circulation within the village. We hope to engage the interest and professional aide of county planning experts in this work.
We propose a mix of conventional residential developments and forward-looking land use strategies such as live-work, accessory structures, and open space preservation across parcels in order to recreate and preserve village qualities while increasing opportunities for affordable and senior housing.
There is no question that the help and interest of Mendocino County's planners is as essential to our success as the continuing support of the greater Caspar community.

document written by Michael Potts 1 March 2002

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