Caspar Village Meeting minutes
10 May 1998 meeting

Introductions: Name and connection to Caspar

Discussion: How to handle money... (Dharma Cloud, Mendocino Land Trust,?)

Caspar Website...

How to do it - Next Steps: Develop a plan... UCB Grad Student/3k

Define what the student will do for 3K.

Proposals from the outside.

Meridian Green

1. Community Service District.

2. Emergency Response.

3. Local Non Profit.

Decision Making Process: What kind of vehicle do we want to get things done? Structure?

Peter Wells.... "What kind of agreement are we going to enter into with Oscar Smith? We need a plan.

Preservation of open space (Headlands, Beach, riparian, and rural village ambiance.) Not create a tourist attraction. Walking trails throughout. We need to work from the agreement with Oscar.

Cost analysis for purchase: (for example if... )

forty parcels for sale .... half a million to secure an option... let's say one hundred families in Caspar... Now.

Plan Purchase and Structure...

Patty Madigan made a proposal that we have a facilitator for our next meeting.

Consensus is questionable.


Democratic Structure

A way to handle money

Interim Structure

Organizational Committee

Future Meeting to consider plans

Method of Controlling Plan

Method of collecting and holding money: Dharma Cloud, Mendo Land Trust, checking account.

Nominations for Steering Committee...

Meridian Green

Patty Madigan

Judy Tarbell (in absentia)

Peter Wells

Michael Potts

Vince Taylor

Ken Clark

Pamela Hunter

Michael Dell' Ara

John Wozniak

General meetings second Sunday of the Month..... 3PM Shul????

submitted by Hunter

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