Caspar Community Meeting minutes : : 9 August 1998 meeting

Well-attended Short Meeting and Potluck

     After introductions around the circle, the gathering of 32 Caspar residents and friends heard Vince Taylor summarize our year of progress. He outlined a vision which included a Caspar Preserve under public ownershiup including $3.5 million worth of headlands and $1.8 million worth of beach and riparian lands, and a developable core valued at about $2.1 million. Many spoke to the idea that as little development take place as possible, although the consensus was that some development is inevitable. Vince outlined the process we have begun which will lead us to a presentation of three plans for discussion at our next meeting. He also briefed the group on progress with regard to retaining as Caspar Coordinator.
     Grail Dawson spoke to the idea that the Mendocino Land Trust be involved with managing public lands in Caspar. Their provisions include a management plan, annual maintenance and ongoing maintenance endowment, liability insurance, and a boundary survey.
     Patty Madigan clarified the steps necessary to support the plan, including letters to our elected representatives.
     Mike Dell'Ara provided details about the search for a Coordinator: sixteen applicants have been winnowed to five interviewees. All agreed that they could work to conserve Caspar while allowing for natural growth. One interviewee suggested a homeowner's association with monthly dues, which is very similar to the Steering Committee's challenge to the community to pledge anything from $5 or $10 dollars a month up.
     The next meeting was announced for the same place, the Caspar Shul, on Sunday afternoon, September 13th, at 3pm. Thereupon, the neighbors adjourned to the lawn and enjoyed a wonderful potluck. A spirited volleyball game followed.

written by Michael Potts

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