Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 5 June 1998

Meridian, Vince, Judy, Ken, Mike, Michael, Peter, Hunter at Michael's. Nobody facilitating. A planned 3-hour meeting.

   We considered and approved the Bylaws (appended below) as an interim WORKING DOCUMENT under which we will operate. We expect input from the community.
   Michael Potts will take minutes and post them privately to the website. The minutes will be reviewed and approved at the next meeting of the Steering Committee, after which they will be posted publicly on the Web. They will also be posted on a Community Bulletin Board, if one becomes available.
   Minutes of the Steering Committee will be public except for those referring to discussion and actions taken in Executive Session. Executive Sessions will be entered when topics of a sensitive nature (such as personnel and legal issues) are to be considered.

Plans for Community Meeting on 14 June
   The Agenda will be finalized at our next meeting.
   We started listing possible agenda items in preparation for a press release for the two newspapers. Vince will fax to Advocate offices this afternoon.

Community Coordinator
   Michael moved that we recommend to the Community Meeting the hiring of a Community Coordinator; Vince seconded. Several members voiced trepidation at this move without knowing what the duties were, the budget, where funds would come from, and so forth. We are also aware of the workload we are bearing as a committee, and know we will need help. General confidence was expressed that the right person will be a listener, not a spokesperson, will be able to finance own position, and will be an effective consultant to the community. We agreed that a timeline for this hiring, as well as budget and job description, is needed. We expect it may take months to find the right person. After discussion, the motion was approved unanimously.
   We accepted the Community Coordinator Job Description as defined by the subcommittee.

Sale of Caspar Cattle Company Lands
   Several members feel a need to formally affirm our intention to acquire, control, or influence the development of the CCC lands. It has been recommended to us that we get title searches, research ownership, and offer and receive reassurances that nothing precipitous will take place.
   Judy moved and Meridian seconded that a subcommittee be formed to explore the acquisition of rights to the CCC lands. The motion carried, and Meridian, Peter, Michael, and Hunter will meet before the next Steering Committee meeting.

Caspar Plan
   Michael moved that a Planning Subcommittee be formed; Judy seconded, and the motion was passed. Vince, Judy, and Peter Wells will meet before the next Steering Committee meeting.

The next regularly scheduled Steering Committee meeting will be another 3 hour session in Ken's carport.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts.

Caspar Community Preliminary Bylaws
Approved by the Steering Committee on June 5, 1998

The Interim Steering Committee formed at the May 14, 1998 community meeting would like to constitute itself as a representative body of the community organization and will request the community to ratify of the following:

I. Draft Mission Statement (Vision Statement)

  • "To preserve and enhance the quality of all life in Caspar."

    II. Principles:

    1. The community of Caspar is creating the Caspar Community organization to preserve and enhance the quality of all life in Caspar.
    2. The organization operates on consensus. (Consensus requires all participants to be committed to workability.)
    3. The organization welcomes participation from all.

    III. Interim name of organization:


    IV. The Steering Committee is:

    V. The Steering Committee's function is to:

    VI. The current status of the Steering Committee is "interim":
       We request nomination and election to the Steering Committee from the general meeting.
       New members will be nominated and elected by the community at monthly meetings.

    Steering Committee Meetings:

    1. A quorum of five members is required to make binding decisions.
    2. Official minutes will be kept. Minutes will be approved at the following meeting.
    3. Meetings will abide by the following rules:
      1. After minutes are approved, the first order of business will be to review, approve/amend, and assign amount of time for agenda items
      2. Speakers will be called in order of hands (or markers).
      3. Motions made and seconded will be discussed, tabled, or decided upon before another topic/agenda item is discussed.
      4. Follow Robert's Rules of Order where bylaws do not otherwise specify.
      5. Speakers to be interrupted only by a "Point of Process" or, "Point of Clarification".
      6. Non-agenda discussions are tabled to the "Bin" or "Parking Lot" for later consideration.
      7. Items to be discussed will be submitted to members at least one day prior to the meeting.

    submitted by Vince Taylor
    Revised, June 5, 1998

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