Caspar Community Subcommittees
as of 8 February 1999

Plan and Acquisition subcommittee
Meridian Green (chair), Mike Dell'Arra, Hunter, Susan Keller, Patty Madigan, Michael Potts (recorder), Judy Tarbell, Vince Taylor, Peter Wells

Traffic Brigade
Catherine Booth (chair), Velna Anderson, Jan Boyd, Doug & Marilyn Desmond, Naida Schorg, Sunshine Taylor, John Teller, Clerita Thompson, Suzanne Thurston

Events and Fundraising subcommittee
Michael Potts (chair), David Alden, Meridian Green, Susan Keller, Mary Flannery Kraut

Organizational (Bylaws) subcommittee
Meridian Green, Patty Madigan, Hunter

Finance subcommittee
Patty Madigan, Vince Taylor

Partnership & Alliances subcommittee
Mike Dell'Ara, Patty Madigan, Michael Potts, Judy Tarbell, Vince Taylor

Steering Committee members and email addresses

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