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Caspar Community Meeting: January 1999

Caspar News and Press Releases

Caspar Community To Discuss The Future of Caspar Beach

January's meeting of the Caspar Community organization will feature a roundtable discussion on the future of Caspar beach, Caspar creek, and the adjoining riparian areas.

The meeting will take place at the Caspar Jewish Community Center on Caspar Road at 3:00 p.m, on Sunday, January 10, 1999. The panel will include Roger Sternberg of the Mendocino Land Trust, and representatives of The California Conservancy and of the Caspar Community.

Preservation of the beach and creek areas has been of prime importance to the organization since it's founding in early 1998. Due in part to Caspar Community's efforts, last year's California state budget included an appropriation of 1.8 million dollars to assist the California Conservancy in purchasing the beach. Since then the Mendocino Land Trust has stepped forward and agreed to manage the land if the Conservancy can negotiate the deal.

Caspar Beach and the creek are part of 300 acres owned by The Caspar Cattle Company which has placed the land on the market.

Pat Ackley, who was recently hired as a coordinator for the Caspar Community, is encouraging all interested parties to attend and participate in the meeting. "As usual we hope to hear both from the experts and from community members. We are eagerly seeking input from the beach's neighbors and users. We hope to learn what the people of Caspar really want for the future of this area."

As part of the meeting on Sunday, Ackley expects that a proposed trail system will be discussed. Many Casparites have shown enthusiasm for hiking trails in and around the village. The organization hopes to explore the pros and cons of this idea.

The Caspar Community organization was formed in response to the news that Caspar Cattle Company plans to sell its holdings, which include not only the beach and creek, but the undeveloped headlands, much of the central village district, and a large piece of land on the east side of Highway One. The group was formed in the hope that the residents and others who love the community might have some say in the future of the town. A planning process has begun to explore ways to buy the land to preserve its scenic and environmental treasures, while still allowing for some desirable development.

Further information and a history of the Caspar Community project may be found on the Caspar website at .

For additional information, contact:
Pat Ackley, Caspar Community Coordinator
Box 84
Caspar, CA 95420
707 / 964-4997

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