Caspar Community Board Meeting :: 2 April 1999

Peter, Susan, Meridian, Patty, Hunter, Vince, Mike, Judy, Michael at Community Office. Mary excused. Pat facilitating. Convened at the special time of 1:10 planned to end at 3:00pm, ended 3:10

Minutes and financial report approved unanimously. We are in urgent need of cash flow, although an anomymous $4,000 donation has eased the urgency temporarily.

Coordinator's Report
Submitted by Pat Ackley

I. Marketing
Civic Organizations: Letters were sent to 28 civic organizations, from a list obtained from the Chamber of Commerce. The letters offered a program explaining the dynamics of the Caspar project. One was returned with a bad address. Two, the Audubon Society and Habitat for Humanity, responded and programs have been scheduled.

The Mendocino County Nonprofit Association: I will have attended their first meeting on March 30th, in Willitis, at the Howard Hospital. It is my hope that this will lead us to worthwhile contacts.

"Bay Area Backroads": Michael Potts led me to the e-mail address and information that the production crew would be in this area between April 9th and 11th. "Bay Area Backroads" is a San Francisco, Channel 4, NBC- affiliate program. I contacted them and received a favorable response with the promise of hearing from the show's producer. I have made a second contact with them.

II. Fundraising
Benefit Luncheon / Auction: Ruth Dell'Ara has agreed to chair the June 6th Luncheon / Auction, at the Albion River Inn.

? Michael Potts has printed tickets for the event. SUGGESTION: Board Members decide as to how many tickets each Board Member is responsible for selling.

? Each Board Member is responsible for at least 5 auction items. A handout of sample items will be available at the meeting.

? Letters requesting signed personal items have been sent to 137 celebrities.

Phone Campaign: After several failed attempts to find volunteers, including Board Members, to help, I have been putting phone numbers to the 962 names on the newsletter mailing list. This is time consuming. Fundraising Workshop: "Fundraising 101", as described by the sponsor, Community Resource Connection, as "You will learn the basics of a wide range of fund raising techniques, from direct mail and telemarketing, to major donors and planned giving."
     The workshop is Thursday, April 8th, in Ukiah, from 9 am to 5 pm. The cost is $80 per person. I would recommend at least 2 attend this workshop.

III. Office Lease
Michael Potts has submitted a lease for the two offices. The rent is $1 a month or $12 annually. With the election of officers, we will be able to acquire both "Directors/ Officers" and property liability insurance.

IV. Vacation Time
I have been using vacation time for those 1/2 days I have taken off for my eye laser treatments. So far, there have been 4 1/2-vacation days, amounting to 2 vacation days.      I will be taking the following days as part of my 3-week annual vacation allocation: Friday, April 9 1 day Thursday, April 15 1/2 day Thursday, April 29 1 day Friday, April 30 * 1 day
     *The 30th is a scheduled Board Meeting day. The meeting agenda and my report will be e-mailed to all Board Members on Monday, April 26th. A Board Member will need to facilitate this meeting.


  • 9 April, 9:30a : Habitat for Humanity presentation; Pat will make
  • 15 April : Coastal Access; Patty will go
  • need date!! : Audubon Society presentation; Pat will make

Board Development
     Patty proposes we institute a form of team building. Nice Alderman may be willing to conduct short sessions on a bi-monthly basis.
     MOTION from Patty: the Board resolves to dedicate 20 minutes bimonthly to discuss roles and responsibilities and group ground rules, with an outside consultant. 2nd ??? Unanimous.

Committee Reports
     Plan & Acquisition: productive meeting with Robert Davis and debriefing. Key question: Would it be possible for Caspar to raise $3.3 million at close of option? given varying options from 1 to 3 years. Davis suggests we look closely at the different possible development paths a Sea Ranch preservationist model, or a Seaside build-a-town model. Next meeting: Friday, 1pm.
     It is reported that Oscar has the TPL option agreement and will sign, possibly as early as today.

     Events: Gorse Grubber Events (Ball and Grubbing) over and successful. Tickets for the Benefit Luncheon may be purchased for $20 in the Community Office, only about 30 left. The Events Committee will gather on Sunday, 11 April, at 1pm at the Community Office, to start planning for the Gorse Festival.

Traffic Brigade: did a walk about town, and found several important traffic issues. They have invited the County's transportation people to walk with them on Friday, 9 April, at 3pm.

Bylaws: discussed structure of Board, officers, and number of directors. A slate of five officers was proposed for discussion and consideration, to be formalized at the next Board meeting.
     MOTION from Meridian: creating an executive committee slate composed of Mike (president), Judy and Patty (vice presidents), Michael (secretary), and Vince (treasurer); those nominated have until the next regular meeting to consider duties and responsibilities before deciding to accept. Seconded by Hunter. Unanimous.      MOTION from Meridian: there shall be between 7 and 15 directors, but no action will be taken for 30 days to allow for reconsideration of the number at our next regular Board meeting. Seconded by Judy. Seven ayes, 1 nay, 1 abstention.

Next monthly meeting, 11 April 1999
      We have heard three divergent views of using the headlands, ranging from no human use, through controlled use, to open for anyone. At the next meeting, these positions will be discussed in open forum, and afterwards we will walk on the Headlands. Since some may wish to do "homework" and walk before the meeting, Judy has volunteered to lead a walk on Saturday, 10 April, at 10am, departing from the front porch of Black Bear.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts


3/5 Board meeting minutes : 4/11 Community Meeting

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