Caspar Community Board Meeting :: 5 March 1999

Vince, Judy, Mike, Michael, Peter, Hunter, Mary at Community Office. Pat facilitating. A planned 2-hour meeting.

Board & Officers
     Now that we're incorporating, we need officers; Pat suggests at minimum a President, Secretary, Treasurer, with a back-up Vice President who might be the President-elect. Michael moved, and Judy seconded, that a By-Laws Committee be created to which concerns and input could be submitted by email; the motion passed unanimously. Patty was appointed chairperson (in absentia) with Michael as her back-up; Vince, Mike, and Hunter also volunteered to serve on the committee, which will report at the next regularly scheduled meeting in April.

Coordinator's Report
Submitted by Pat Ackley

1. Marketing
A brochure has been created and developed in collaboration with Michael Potts, Jerry Juhl, and myself. The brochure will be helpful in educating the public who may have an interest in the preservation of Caspar. The brochures will be placed with the Fort Bragg/Mendocino Chamber of Commerce. They will also be placed in motels, bed & breakfasts, shops, restaurants, simply anywhere we would be allowed to display information.

The first newsletter of 1999 is ready to be labeled and mailed.
Deadlines for 2nd issue of 1999 newsletter are:

  • Editorial Meeting: Wednesday, April 7
  • Articles Submitted: Tuesday, April 27
  • Set-up Completed: Monday, May 17
  • Printing Completed: Monday, June 7
  • Mailed: Wednesday, June 9

An Organization Database has been completed. Letters, offering program/presentation, will be sent within the next week.

2. Mendocino Land Trust
Sunday, February 7th, Patty Madigan, myself, and Dale Ackley attended the Mendocino Land Trust's Annual Meeting. Roger Sternberg, Executive Director, was very generous in his comments about the Caspar Community and its active project.

With the resignation of Ken Clark, Pamela Hunter agreed to serve with myself, on the Caspar Beach Management Advisory Committee. The Committee has met four times, with Caspar represented at three.

3. Coastal Conservancy Grant
A request for a total of $6,800 from Coastal Conservancy was mailed on January 19th. Of the total amount of $6,800:
$2,750 is for Environmental Services
$$1,080 for Operation Expenses
$2,970 for Staff Support Costs
On February 8th, I inquired as to if they indeed had received our request. On February 15th, I received an e-mail from Joan Cardellino stating that I would be hearing from her or her assistant within two weeks. Two weeks was up on March 2nd.

4. Incorporation Status
Process Report:
a. Ordered Nolo Book on January 23rd.
b. Book with CD arrived on January 27th.
c. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were ready for signatures on February 11th.
d. All paperwork completed, requested checks on February 19th.
e. On February 25th, spoke with James Jackson, Oscar's attorney, who informed me that I could mail our Incorporation application to the Sacramento Attorney Service and they can walk it through the process in 48 hours.
f. Contacted Sacramento Attorneys' Service and was informed that there would be additional costs of $27 for their services, $15 for Secretary of State, and a $300 (reimbursable with first tax return) to Franchise Tax Board.
g. Mailed application via certified mail on March 2nd.
h. Have acquired our Employer Identification Number.

5. Board Manuals
In order to stay current and up to speed with the progress of this project, I would recommend a Board Manual that could include:
Board Member Information
Financial Information
Cost of Board Manual would be:
2 binder (View front cover) $4.64
Index Pages 1.49 Subtotal: $6.13
Susana Morais's Report:
18 color pages $18.00
27 black & white pages .00
Subtotal: 18.00
Total with color pages: $24.13
Total without color pages: $6.13

6. March Community Meeting
Shul is reserved. Need to check that all doors are locked before leaving. Cookies and fruit juices for refreshments went well at last meeting.

7.Thank you Michael Potts for a wonderful office. Since moving in on January 21st, it has proved to be a welcoming port for community citizens to stop by and voice their concerns and issues. Again, Michael, thank you for your generosity.

Committee Reports
     The Traffic Brigade has agreed to pursue four issues -- stop sign, speed zones, passing, and realignment of north entrance. In that they Brigade as decided not to address two issues considered important by board members, Michael will investigate parking issues, and Judy will research the steps required to build sidewalks.
     Partnerships with TPL and with a developer are moving forward and will be reported on as soon as substantive events take place.
     The Plan & Acquisition Committee will meet once more before the next Community Meeting; the principle subject of that meeting will be a review of current possibilities for financing the purchase, and the community's acceptance of the Land Use Plan and Narrative.
     The Events Committee announced that a Benefit Luncheon and Auction will be help at the Albion River Inn on the 6th of June. Upcoming Gorse events on the 6th and 13th of March are on track. Judy suggested that we plan benefit evenings at the Mendocino Theatre Company and Warehouse Theater, to help use up the large credits these organizations have with Black Bear Press.
     The newsletter will be mailed on Tuesday, 9 March. Finance Committee plans a telephone solicition one week after the newsletter is safely in-home. It was noted that we are in a cash flow crunch, as donations have slowed down.

Project Reports
     By unanimous consent it was agreed that the official repository of our minutes is at the Caspar website; it was established that this site is well backed-up.
     Michael agreed to provide a written agreement of tenancy for the Community Office, in order to make it possible to insure the office. The Coordinator will research Directors & Officers insurance and Tenant's insurance, and will report to the next regular meeting.
     Several mitems were added to the wish list: a tape recorder (for collection of oral histories in the office), a guest book (judy will provide), a camera, a donation box, bulletin boards and signs (Michael and Judy will collaborate).
     In our continuing effort to involve South Caspar in our work, we noted that Caspar South Subdivision has a meeting once a year. Mary volunteered to research this.
     It was suggested, and approved by unanimous consent, that the Community would happily accept SEED, the new complementary money being circulated in western Mendocino County.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

2/19 Board meeting minutes : 3/14 Community meeting minutes : 4/02 Board meeting minutes

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