Caspar Community Board Meeting :: 16 April 1999

Peter Wells, Patty Madigan, Judy Tarbell, Meridian Green, Vince Taylor, Pamela Hunter, Mike Dell'Ara, Pat Ackley at Community Office. Pat facilitating. A planned 1.5-hour meeting.

Caspar Beach Management
     Management plan has changed. MLT will own, sell off south parcel with one homesite and conservation easement--then, probably transfer to State Parks. What is Caspar Communitie's stake? Do we want to consider ownership? A CSD or the Botanical Gardens mgmt. as a model, were mentioned. We need to find out more details about what mgmt./ownership entails. Caspar Community wants to be recognized as a major stakeholder and to have a voice.
     Letters to Chesbro and Strom-Martin: We need about 40 letters endorsing the purchase/funding. We sohould communicate what the Community can do for Caspar Beach.

     We have initiated the phone campaign. Pat's mother is even making calls. Patty asked that we all pitch in and help with this task; Meridian agreed that it was good for Board members to converse with community members -- and, that this was a good opportunity to do so.

Board officers
     Patty asked how the nominations were developed for Board Elections.

     Patty asked that the Board focus more on process and to identify policies and procedures, as soon as possible.

respectfully submitted by Patty Madigan


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