Caspar Community Board Meeting
Friday, June 4, 9 to 11:30 AM

Attendees: M. Potts, J. Tarbell, M. Flannery-Kraut, P. Madigan, M. Dell'Ara, M. Green, S. Keller, V. Taylor Guest participant: A. Alexander

Minutes submitted by: Patty Madigan


  • Old Business
    • Land-Use Plan
    • Board Member Orientation
    • Future Office Procedures
    • Update on D & O Insurance
  • Reports
    • Executive Committee
    • Luncheon/Auction
    • Legislative Education
    • Acquisition Plan
    • Financial Report
  • New Business
    • Bulletin Board
    • Coastwalk Visit
    • 501 (c)(3)

Board Member Orientation - packets were discussed --Patty Madigan and Mike Dell'Ara will work on this.

Conflict of Interest Form - a meeting is scheduled for June 15th at 8:30 AM to finalize.

Future office procedures - Judy Tarbell will keep track of and answer phone messages and pick up mail. Michael Potts will check email. We tentatively looked at scheduling Board Member office volunteers for 2 hr./wk. twice a month. Community updates will be posted on the office door with a list of phone numbers and office schedule.

Director's and officer's insurance - the Board agreed to look at different options and agents for further information--and a need to act in a timely fashion was recognized.

501 (c)(3) - Judy is drafting a mission statement to send with our federal application.

Auction/Luncheon - meet at the office at 10 AM, Sunday. Last minute and unsold auction items will be saved for future fund raising events.

Legislative report - need letters to the Governor. Judy and Michael learned a lot. Clear information to legislators is important.

Acquisition Plan - Vince said he has not made as much progress as he hoped. He has talked with Oscar and will continue to keep him informed. It was suggested that we could participate with Oscar. We need to ask Oscar the process--what it took to get the 1.8 million appropriated for the South Caspar acquisition from the state.

Landscape drawings - Michael volunteered to draft some drawings that would be helpful in discussions with Oscar--a concept drawing on Autocad.

Soil and Water planning - Patty will schedule a meeting with Kerry Marshall and Carl Rittiman before June 13th.

Bulletin board - Michael showed us a drawing--waterproof, lighted, and locked w/ a design of sky, sunset and ocean. Rick Sacks or John Chamberlain may help us out.

Coastwalk visit - scheduled for Wed. June 16th. Michael and Patty will coordinate information and welcome.

Meeting with M.L.T.- Roger will take the suggestion that MLT be a back-up alternative if State Parks can't take on the headlands management. He reminded us not to seem like the acquisition is a private "Caspar Park". Judy will draft a vision =for management and ownership of the headlands/riparian.

Financial report - We have $2,154. in the bank; can cover our bills, for now. We have spent $10,800 this year, to date, and written checks for $17,000 (incl. the balance owed to UCB. A discussion regarding monthly financial reports was held.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30

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