Caspar Community Meeting minutes : : 14 February 1999 meeting

Community Meets about Traffic

Pat Ackley, Caspar Community Coordinator, called the meeting to order at 3:18 pm.

The attendees introduced themselves.

Michael Potts presented the Calendar of Events for 1999, including:

  • March 6th: Gorse Grubbers’ Ball
  • March 13th: Gorse Grubbers’ Workshop
  • June (date to be announced): Brunch and Auction at Albion River Inn
  • July 4th: Tentative – Beach Party
  • October: The 2nd Annual Gorse Festival
  •     The Halloween Parade (to be organized by Jerry and Susan Juhl)
  • December 31st: Y2K Me Worry?

     Patty Madigan reviewed the activities of the Caspar Community Traffic Brigade. The Brigade has identified a number of traffic issues in Caspar. The are:

  • North Entrance @ Hwy 1 / Caspar Road
  • Intersection of Pacifica & Caspar Road
  • Stop sign at Caspar Road & Caspar Street
  • Traffic Speed in West Caspar
  • Reckless passing
  • Parking: Overnight & Events
     She explained that in order to consider remedies for these concerns, the Brigade had formulated a survey form. Those in attendance were encouraged to complete the survey before leaving.

Points of discussion regarding traffic were:

  • Ocean Access – mistake!
  • Signs “No ocean access” at Pacifica, North Entrance, & South Entrance
  • Sidewalks recommended by CalTrans to slow traffic – Grants
  • Negative Message, direct folks to the correct access
  • Caspar Orchard Rd. – mudhole increase in traffic; make up for lost time on Fern Creek Rd.
  • Locals need to watch their speed.
  • Caspar Beach “curve” - dangerous blind turn
  • Speed monitoring?
  • Do we need both a 3-way stop and a closure / change of north exit?
  • Is Pacifica visible as an intersection?
  • Yield signs @ Pacifica & Caspar Inn
  • See Lansing St. barriers @ exit.
  • How can we get the changes we want without changing the quality of Caspar?
  • Trails & paths instead of sidewalks
  • Make sure north exit / entrance is gradual & safe, not like Mendocino.
  • Signs removed
  • Narrowing of roads; bike lanes, sidewalks, etc.
  • Sign restrictions? What is the process?
  • School district input
  • School bus traffic

Next Traffic Brigade meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 23rd @ 4:00 pm at the Caspar Community Office.

Pat Ackley gave her Coordinator’s Report:
     A representative from Trust for Public Land will be visiting Caspar soon. The Trust may become involved in the Caspar Community Project.
     The process for acquiring a legal status for Caspar Community is progressing quickly.
     There is an urgent need for contributions to support the Caspar Community project.

Meeting was adjourned.

Attendance: 25

submitted by Pat Ackley

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