Caspar Community Meeting minutes : : 14 March 1999 meeting

Land Use Plan & Acquisition

     Pat Ackley, Caspar Community Coordinator, opened the meeting at 3:10PM. The 36 people in attendance introduced themselves.

Pat announced that the Caspar Community organization is, as of March 4, 1999, a California Nonprofit Corporation.

Pat introduced Michael Potts, who then explained the topic of the meeting – The Plan and Acquisition of the Caspar Cattle Company land.

Michael introduced Judy Tarbell who gave a brief description of the Trust for Public Land. She introduced Andrew Vesselinovitch, a TPL Representative. Andrew explained what TPL could do to help Caspar acquire the Caspar Cattle Company land. They can put an option on the land, holding it while they work to find other parties who provide funding. Andrew explained that TPL has experience in negotiating with landowners. Andrew stated he would begin his negotiations with owners of the Caspar Cattle Company tomorrow, March 15th.

Michael introduced Mike Dell’Ara who explained various funding options, such as individuals purchasing specific pieces of land to preserve or bringing 2 or more investors together to purchase the developmental land.

Meridian Green then discussed what community services and specific pieces of land the community might want to invest in, i.e. fire protection, water, commons.

Peter Wells next explained how this was a doable project, but only if all parties worked together.

Judy Tarbell and Michael Potts reviewed the landscape map, explained the land use classifications that have been added to implement the landscape plan, offered the draft land use description for community review, and invited folks to go the Community Office and place the silhouettes of houses, duplexes, granny houses, cluster housing cut-outs where they felt was the best plan.

Michael Potts closed the meeting by announcing that Caspar is in need of money to keep the Community Office open. One of the ways is through benefit events, and Michael announced that there will be a Luncheon/Auction on Sunday, June 6, 1999, at the Albion River Inn.

Attendance: 35

submitted by Pat Ackley

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