Caspar Steering Committee Meeting minutes
Thursday May 14 1998 meeting

Each person states their reason for being involved and their interest.

Review letter from Meridian to potential Funder.

Discussion about options..... Purchase, design, control.

Meeting with Oscar proposed by Mike Del' Ara. Ask about objectives, possible contributions...

Regular Steering Committee changed to Fridays 10AM.

Meridian will call Mina Cohen regarding use of Shul.

Bank Account - Tax exempt status... Dharma Cloud will open an account at Fort Bragg branch of Savings Bank of Mendocino... under the name of Caspar Community Fund

Signators: Ken, Vince, Mike D., Hunter

Working Groups

see Vince's list...

Enterprises: A-D of Vince's list... note D was changed to Community Services District

Operational: E-H of Vince's list.

Areas of interest....

Fund Raising - Meridian...

Public Relations - Michael Potts...

Caspar Preserve - Vince Taylor

Add to Vince's list section 6... Community Service District or some kind of local government organization.

Michael D will call and set up an appt. with Oscar Smith.

Meeting with Leonardo Bowers de Novaro former Director of East Bay Regional Parks... Vince Taylor will notify (Wed noon at Vince's).

Closing comments...

Pursue idea of Caspar Gorse Festival.... Michael Potts

Meridian Green will look into forming a corporation.

submitted by Hunter

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