Caspar Community Steering Committee Special Meeting :: 18 June 1998

Meridian, Vince, Judy, Ken, Mike, Michael, Hunter, Patty, Joe, Rochelle, Jim, Shamli, Stewart, Randy, Susana, and Andy at Judy's. Joe and Randy facilitating. A pot-luck and planned 2-hour meeting.

Framework Plan
     Randy presented the basic framework on which they expect to erect their three plans, and took notes on the large wall-hanging documents with regard to our input. We agreed to rewqrite the Guiding Principles by 25 June; Michael will receive them electronically and coordinate the rewriting process. We verified and added to the rough land assumptions.

Community Plan Process
     The plan will be developed in the following phases:

  1. Develop and approve Framework Plan -- we are here
  2. 3 Alternatives
  3. Community Presentation: 9 August 3pm ($18,500 for these three steps)
  4. Door-to-door Participation and Neighborhood meetings by Randy and 3 students during the period 8-16 August ($2,500)
  5. Assess Input ($2,500)
  6. Develop One Plan ($5,000)
  7. Present to Community on 11 October ($4,000)
     Additionally there will be an estimate of $5,000 for expenses, copying, materials, etcetera.

Letter of Understanding
     Randy will negotiate final agreement with Mike. It was moved, seconded, and approved without dissent that the agreement will cover the first 5 steps above. We decided to work with the University, not Randy's design group. Mike will clarify our agreement about deliverables.

Content of 3 Alternatives
     We gave Randy some idea of where the three alternatives should be directed.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

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