Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 19 June 1998

Mike, Ken, Vince, Michael, Patty, Judy, Meridian at Hunter's; Joe facilitating. A planned 1.5-hour meeting.

Planning Budget
     We can assure Randy we'll provide at least two full-time assistants from the SC for interviewing. In general, we'll provide as many services -- housing, food, printing, tech -- as possible to reduce Randy's costs. We would like to see a weekly report; Wednesdays are good, so we can read prior to Friday SC meetings. We would like Randy and assistants to help us find grants for completing this plan, as it's outside our initial budget.

     We need an informational flyer. A flyer must be sent out prior to the July Community Meeting, and a full-fledged Newsletter prior to the August meeting. Michael will prepare and maintain a complete Caspar mailing/phone/emailing list. Rather than mailing to friendly groups' member lists -- Sierra Club, etc. -- we'll send releasaes for inclusion in their newsletters.
     The bulletin board is controversial; Barry doesn't want it facing out beside 'his' house even though Oscar approves. Mike and Judy will palaver further. Meridian suggest a TRAVELING bulletin board: "Is This the Center of Town?" possibly starting at a secondary site, What's Afoot.
     We need a media list and someone to start preparing PSAs and getting them out.

     Since the headlands is at once our most sacred and most vulnerable property, it was moved by Vince and seconded by Judy that although neither promises nor assurances can be made, we should tell Oscar we want him to protect it and consider us as first buyers.

Next Meeting
     Although a quorum will not be possible for the next scheduled Friday session, the remaining members agreed to meet at Michael's for a check-in session.

Field Trip
     Hunter, Patty, Ken, and Michael visited four of the parcels we had not previously explored. The Cemetery Ridge site had osprey screeching at us from their nest, and damaged tombstones, which we vowed to correct and protect. A stewardship cottage east of the entry road would help. The western part of the site would support a small ecolodge. Patty suggests that the Doyle Creek Campground, which is a polluting nightmare, be recommended to State Parks as the campground they should purchase and clean up.
     The southernmost parcel does indeed have a stand of sitka spruce, and a large open meadow which would support cluster housing. There is traffic noise from highway one and access might be difficult.
     Agriculturally-oriented housing might be possible on the southern edge of the South-eastern meadow. The uplands of the meadow might serve for constructed wetlands-style sewage treatment for the Watersource parcel, which would support some housing.
     We were guided around the wonders of the north side of the Pond Field by two young neighbors who showed us the best cluster homesites as well as the "yucky swamp" along the fenceline. This clement, partially wooded flat area is a perfect site for cluster housing: no highway noise, a lovely view of the pond, and of the ocean from the second floor level.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

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