Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting : : 10 July 1998

Mike, Ken, Patty, Michael, Meridian, at Patty's. Joe facilitating. A planned 1.5-hour meeting.

Bulletin Board
     The post is in place.

Meeting with Bill Ahern
     Mike Dell'Ara and Judy Tarbell met with him at the Black Bear and walked the headlands with him. When the State Budget goes to the Coastal Conservancy, he will work with us to determine guidelines before turning the management of the land over to the State. About grants: this year's are done, but he will put our request on the fast track.

Planning Contract
     The contract is set at $23,000. We have agreed to provide at least one person to assist with door-to-door and neighborhood meetings, and with printing. Randy is presently proceeding with the real estate valuation component. Payments are due as follows: $3,000 already paid, $5,000 on 1 August, $5,000 on 15 August, $5,000 on 1 September, and $5,000 on 15 September. Mike Dell'Ara continues to be Randy's SC contact.

Fund Raising
     Patty observed that we're caught in a chicken/egg situation: with a coordinator, raising funds would be easier, but without funds... Meridian recommends a phone campaign, events like teas and dinner parties. Michael will produce a phone list. Kathy Booth and Shirley Clark have volunteered to help. Patty suggests we create a set of digital images of what Caspar would look like built-out: digital build-out.

     Patty wrote, Judy edited, and Hunter is mocking up the next newsletter, which could be ready to mail next week. A media outreach subcommittee was proposed.

Community Coordinator Candidates
     We received a number of promising applications, which have been winnowed to four; interviews will commence on 1 August. Tis gives us time to refine fund-raising and welcome volunteers.

Steering Committee Membership
     We agreed that we needed to review the by-laws with regard to Steering Committee membership and committment.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

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