Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 26 June 1998

Judy, Mike, Michael, Peter, Meridian, Hunter at Michael's. Joe facilitating. A planned 1.5-hour meeting.

Agreement with Randy Hester
     Mike Dell'Ara has agreed to be our negotiator with Randy.He reports that Randy found his work so far to be more costly thasn expected, hence the increased budget. By reducing student involvement in door-to-door, and services, and providing people ourselves, the cost can be brought down.Randy planned 5 community meetings and 200 home visits; we agree that neighborhood meetings are better strategy: Seadrift, Downtown (2?), East Caspar (2), South Caspar, maybe 409? -- reduces budget by $1500.
     Judy still thinks we need door-to-door, and Peter agrees it's "no mistake to be inclusive." Peter also suggests phone-to-phone, people-to-people,; slow, conscientiously inclusive. Meridian suggests contacting backers, getting funding very important; all agree. Mike reports Randy wants $5k now, $5k by 15 August, $5k by 1 September, $3k 15 September.
     Judy moved, Michael seconded that we accept the Hester proposal based on the presence of pledges, but the Steering Committee cannot accept responsibility for payment." Passed without dissent.

     We agreed that for now the Steering Committee is also the fund-raising committee. We also agreed by next week to have contacted several potential backers. Peter moved to authorize Mike to disburse such funds as are available, which was approved by acclamation.

Coastal Conservancy's Coast and Ocean
     Judy has been contacted by writers and wants to seek nationwide visibility. Peter suggested it would be wise if we were able to express our goals in consistent terminology.We need to develop a press kit.

Caspar Coordinator
     Judy has heard from two interested local folks, will solict resumes, and point to job description on the web.

Visit from Bill Ahern
     Mike Dell'Ara will give a short tour to Bill Ahern, new Director of the Coastal Conservancy, on Saturday 27 June.

Steering Committee Membership
     Susan Keller, one of the Casbar owners, would be interested in being a member of the Steering Committee after she moves up rom Sacramento in the Fall. We would welcome her participation.

Guiding Principles
     Michael's rewrite of the Guiding Principles was tentatively approved as a working version, but will be rewritten by Judy and an interested group of SC members and sent to them by 3 July.

Bulletin Board
     After lengthy negotiations with Oscar and Merlin, the billboard will be located on the north-west corner of Oscar's lot beside Black Bear Press; probably installation will be 27 June.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

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