Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 28 August 1998

Mike, Ken, Susan, Michael, Peter, Meridian, Vince, Mary at Michael's. Joe facilitating. A planned 2-hour meeting.

September Calendar
     Meridian will be abset on 18 September, but otherwise all members will be present throughout September.

Advisory Committee
     More names were suggested for the AC. Meridian suggests it be organized, and members solicited, based on knowledge as well as interest.

Attendance Standards for Steering Committee
     We reminded ourselves that the By-laws call for a substantial committment. The consequences of failure to meet this committment were discussed but no conclusion was reached. The concept of Open and Closed meetings was discussed, as well as the issue of bringing habitually absent members up to speed. A motion was made by Michael and seconded by Vince that "The terms and number of Streering Committee members is referred to the By-Laws sub-committee, which will be convened by Meridian." Passed unanimously.

     This actiuvity and the neighborhood gathering obviously are related, but SC members differ on the relationship. Peter again noted that Caspar South should be reminded that their view is at risk. Susan noted that neighborhood gatherings are likely also to be affinity groups, and that this is fine. Vince noted that information packets will be needed for the meetings. Michael moved, and Susan seconded, a motion that "a Visitation Subcommittee shall be formed to plan for gatherings and phone contact of Caspar residents." Passed unanimously.
     Peter suggested an auction, solicitation of donations from local businesses, and celebration; it was noted that the Gorse Festival and October Meeting provide such an opportunity.

Planning Contract
     Vince advised the SC that Dharma Cloud must legally "control" work undertaken on the Community's behalf. To date, the acknowledgements from the UC group are defective in this regard. Uncertainty was voiced by several members about the management of the UC contract on the part of the contractor. Peter noted that we need acknowledgement that services are under our control, and that Randy is the contractor. Mike reminded us that we were unclear at first about the means of control, but had increased our standards for contact and feedback since the contract's inception. Susan moved, and Meridian seconded, that "Mike Dell'Ara is the SC's contact with Randy." Passed unanimously.

Community Coordinator
     Mike reports that three good candidates have been interviewed; each would serve us well. He suggests members of the SC not on the Interviewing subcommittee meet with these candidates as soon as possible.

State Budget Funds "Headlands" Purchase
     We have received congratulations from a number of sources, including Bill Ahern of the Coastal Conservancy, on our successful stweardship of a $1.8 million budget line-item for purchase of unspecified Caspar Cattle Company lands by the Conservancy. Mike has informed Oscar of the successful grant. It was noted that there is considerable uncertainty about which parcels are or should be included in the purchase. It was noted that all notifications from state officials have entitled the budget item "Caspar Headlands".

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

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