Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 4 September 1998

Ken, Meridian, Judy, Michael, Patty, Mary, Vince at Vince's. Joe facilitating. A planned 2-hour meeting.

     We should include Planning Commission and staff in our mailing. Judy will accomplish this. The extraordinary effort put forth by Hunter, Ken, and Michael in laying out, printing, and mailing the newsletter was acknowledged. The next newsletter will be put together in a more orderly way (although the actual newsletter produced was excellent) and printed.      A problem with Barry Weiss and his depradations on our bulletin board was noted. The decision was made that the planned plexiglass cover will slow his destructive efforts, and therefore no further measures were necessary at this time.

Dharma Cloud relationship
     It was again noted that DC must "control" projects, but that CC doesn't need DC on its letterhead (but does on its envelopes for non-profit mailing qualification). Nevertheless fund-raisers must understand the relationship and make it clear to donors. The SC's relationship to DC is similar to a Board of Directors to a corporation: advise, but the CEO -- Vince, in this case -- is solely responsible for fiscal actions.
     Ken Clark moved, and Judy Tarbell seconded, that "the Steering Committee approves the Memorandum of Understanding sub 4S between Dharma Cloud and the Caspar Community." Passed unanimously with Vince Taylor abstaining.      Meridian moved, and Judy seconded, a motion that "Steering Committee will initiate the process to establish the Caspar Community as a non-profit entity so that an application will be submitted before 4 May 1999." Passed unanimously.

Community Coordinator
     We must now begin a major effort to raise funds for the Coordinator position, and should not hire until we have guaranteed funding for six months. We presently have $13,600 in pledges including $2,000 generated by the newsletter to date, and $11,000 in un-matched matching pledges. Meridian suggests we emphasize small monthly pledges intended specifically to support the Coordinator's position. Vince lamented the unsustainable level of intensity of his involvement and restated his belief that it is a high priority to fund the Coordinator's position.
     Vince moved, and Merdian seconded, that "timing of the hiring of the coordinator will be reviewed after two weeks of intensive fundraising efforts." Passed unanimously.      An opportunity to meet two more of the Coordinator candidates was scheduled.

Steering Committee Membership
     Meridian confessed that she had not yet convened the By-laws subcommittee. Patty noted that "this is SERVICE, folks." Michael moved, and it was seconded by Judy, that "The By-laws be amended to allow for maximum of eleven members on the Steering Committee, with a quorum of six." Passed unanimously.

Advisory Committee
     This will also be formalized by the By-laws subcommittee when it meets, but we are closer to understanding this group's function. Patty urges that members not have a "skewed agenda" and so we should be carefully in inviting members. The groups must be subordinate. Meridian called the group "a Capitalist Advisory Committee" and suggested we could learn from them. Patty countered "I don't care what capitalists need" and emphasized that we must work from the plan; the need to make money is a secondary motive. Vince made, and subsequently withdrew, a motion.
     Vince told us that a private party had offered to fund purchase of the Pond parcel, placing it in the public trust.

Planning Contract
     There is still no resoltuion to the problem of the form of the receipts from the UC group, which Vince finds "worrisome". Judy was requested to contact Randy as "a friend".

Mendocino Land Trust
     We reviewed our support of the State acquisition of some Caspar Cattle Company lands, and the way in which the Mendocino Land Trust became the responsible local agent. Patty recounted the spotty and confusing recent history of calls to her from the Director of MLT, and a meeting she had with him and Dick Summers. The Steering Committee emphasized that any use of our name must be authorized by us, and that a Memorandum of Understanding between the Caspar Community and the MLT must be drawn up which specifically includes us in any decisions regarding Caspar, and clarifying the relationship between CC and MLT. We asked Patty to take a firm stand with respect to the Director of the MLT; she offered to draft a letter which we will approve.

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

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