Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 11 September 1998

Vince, Peter, Meridian, Patty, Mike, Susan, Ken, Hunter, Mary, Judy and Michael at Judy's. A planned 2-hour meeting.

Plans for Sunday Meetiung
     A motion was made by Judy, seconded by Susan, and passed unanimously that "A temporary subcommittee be formed to make arrangements for the meeting on Sunday, 13th September." Susan, Mary, Judy and Ken volunteered.

Purchase the Property
     Peter spoke about his understanding that the SC was concerned with the Preserve, possible Community Services District, and community organiuzation. He does not consider that the SC can act quickly enough, and feels that the purchase of the whole of the Caspar Cattle Company lands (CCC) should be expedited at this time, and to that end, and with the knowledge of some SC members he had held conversations with Oscar, the substance of which he was unable to divulge due to an agreement with Oscar to keep them confidential. He requested authority from the SC to "lead a foray into raising capital to acquire the property." Meridian opined that this proposal made her feel like "a member of the Ladies F*****g Auxiliary" and that such a hasty approach could upset a delicate process. She suggested that the SC hold a serious scoping session on this subject very soon. Michael stated that we should be as zealous to protect the habitat of the osprey and the coho as we are to care for the sensibilities of rich men. Judy observed that the negotiation process should be open. If Peter must maintain confidentiality with Oscar, it interferes with our process and clouds his position as a member of the SC. She suggested that Peter tell Oscar in future that he would not maintain confidentiality, but would report to the SC. In the absence of such openness, she wants no more private conversations between SC members and Oscar.
     A motion was made by Meridian, seconded by Peter, and carried unaninmously, that "A facilitated finance scoping meeting be held at Tarbells on 25 September at 9am."

Gorse Festival
     The Gorse Music Festival has taken on vigorous life. On Sunday, 11 October, following the next Community Meeting, a special party will be held at Bill Bottrell's studio in the old Company Store to launch Meridian's new CD "In the Heart of This Town." There will also be a Coast Walk, Art Show, and Gorse Digging Workshop that weekend.

The Caspar Preserve
     A motion was made by Meridian, seconded by Mike, and passed unanimously that "We support Oscar's plan to sell land to the Coastal Conservancy." A motion was made by Judy, seconded by Meridian, and passed unanimously that "A letter [to that effect] will be written by Judy and presented at the next meeting of the SC."

     A magazine named Sojourn wishes a 400-word article about our project. Judy and Hunter will assemble from material in the newsletter by 15 September.

Community Coordinator
     The fourth candidate has been interviewed and will meet the rest of the Steering Committee on Sunday. The final selection process will commence at the next SC meeting.

Caspar Preserve and the Mendocino Land Trust (MLT)
     The present plan for transfer of ownership of the southernmost CCC lands to the Coastal Conservancy passes control of those lands to the MLT. whereupon they may manage the lands as they wish, possible developing some of them, building trails, renting out the beach houses. MLT (through its director Roger Sternglass) has expressed the intention of swiftly preparing a management plan, a process which he proposes to complete in 6 days. He has also indicated that the MLT's stweardship would last approximately 5 years, after which the lands would be conveyed to State Parks. Patty has been involved in conversations with Sternglass, and her opinion is that "We want to be included -- we gave them the land in essence, but now they seem to want to control from Mendocino and use Caspar to raise funds." It was moved by Judy, seconded by Ken, and passed unanimously that "Because the lands being acquired by the Coastal Conservancy from Oscar Smith are part of a larger biological entity known to us as the Caspar Preserve, we seek a Memorandum of Understanding with the Conservancy and the Land Trust assuring that the Caspar Community's Steering Committee will have active participation in their management."

respectfully submitted by Michael Potts

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