Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 23 October 1998

Michael Potts, Judy Tarbell, Vince Taylor, Pamela Hunter, Ken Clark, Mary Flannery Kraut, Susan Keller, Patty Madigan, and Joe Curran, facilitator. A planned 2-hour meeting.


  1. Caspar Commons
  2. Newsletter
  3. Next Directions
  4. Pat Ackley
  5. Conflict Resolution Training
  6. Mendocino Land Trust
  7. Nonprofit 501 (c) 3 status
  8. Subcommittee Reports
Real Estate Magazine Article
     Michael Potts reported that he would contribute the $200 honorarium from the recent article to create a website domain called "CasparCommons", plus an email address. There was some discussion about the name/term commons. There is already a Caspar website from some guy in Europe.

     We need a winter fundraising appeal including an update of events, etc. We agreed that the newsletter would not be published before January 1999. The outcome of the discussion was a mailing, but not a newsletter. Hunter and Judy discussed the length and format. Vince will write a fundraising appeal, not more than 2 pages. There will be a Winter Fundraiser at the Caspar Inn, other ideas included gorse wreathes for sale, a auction...possibly silent...subcommittee: Susan, Judy, Patty (and Meridian if she is willing)

Pat Ackley Update
     Temporary office space was offered by several people. Michael will ask Pat about the status of her computer (is she willing to use her own/do we need to get one for her to use?) Pat arrives this Thursday, 10/29 and is planning to attend Friday's meeting. The Tregonning house is available to Pat to rent from Nov. to April.

Conflict Resolution
     Steve Siler will do an all-day draining on Nov. 13th. This will be a mandatory training for SC Members. To address communication both internally and externally of the group, we all need to participate and "buy-in" to the training and it's tools/language.
     Susan made a motion that to present a unified front, communications must be first delivered and be supported by the group before we go out as individuals without the groups approval/sanction. Patty seconded the motion. Motion passed.
     We began a discussion about how to address our group's relationships with the MLT and CACC. Several issues and theories were presented.
     Susan made a motion that we form a subcommittee to address how to move forward with these groups. Patty seconded. Motion passed.
     Subcommittee: Judy, Susan, Vince, Patty, Mike Dell'Ara (if he agrees to it)
     Michael Potts will be asked to send a notice out regarding mandatory conflict resolution training...Patty will call/email Michael.

Susan moved that we extend the meeting 1/2 hour. Ken seconded the motion. Motion passed

Nonprofit status
     Judy did some research, including some free advise from a SF attorney. Her take on it is that we have many options. We need to decide what kind of nonprofit we want to be. Some things to consider are:

Gorse Festival and Community Feedback subcommittees did not meet.

Financial Report
     Vince agreed to prepare a financial report to Pat Ackley once a month. A print out will be given to SC members. We have raised about $34,000 to date!

     Ken and hunter will work on archives.

Board of Supervisors/Planning Commission
     Michael (if willing) and Judy will help create a presentation, with visuals to the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. The dates available to us for Ukiah Board of Sups. are: 10/27, 11/10, or 12/1. We thought that 12/1 was the earliest we could do it. Subcommittee: Pat, Patty, Judy, Vince, Michael (if willing).
     The group suggested that we have Linda Ruffing come to talk with the S C. Judy will call Linda. Planning Commission presentation will follow the Board of Sups. presentation.

Next Steps
     (* denotes suggestions by committee Members reflecting personal preferences!)

  1. Recreation Planning/Facilities:
  2. Money Issues:
  3. Infrastructure:
  4. Planning:
  5. Public Relations:
  6. Agricultural issues:
  7. Emergency Services

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