Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 30 October 1998

Pamela Hunter, Vince Taylor, Michael Potts, Meridian Green, Mike Dell'Ara, Patty Madigan, Ken Clark, Judy Tarbell, and Susan Keller; Joe Curran, facilitator. A planned 2-hour meeting.


  1. Brainstorm
  2. Oscar response
  3. Review minutes from last meeting
  4. Prospective buyers
  5. New SC members
  6. More input to planning process
  7. Mendocino Land Trust
  8. Review motion (#3)
  9. South Caspar Fund raising

Review Last Meeting's Minutes
     Reviewed the motion made last week by Susan Keller (seconded by Patty M.) regarding SC policy on public outreach. Susan moved to rescind the motion; Meridian seconded it; motion was unanimously passed.

Commitment to the Steering Committee Process
     Discussed the commitment a member is asked to make to the SC. Need for So. Caspar representation discussed.

Nomination Process
     Vince suggested we form a nominating committee. Mike Dell'Ara moved that we form a nominating subcommittee as soon as possible; Michael Potts seconded; motion carried unanimously.
     Subcommittee members: Meridian, Michael P., and Mike Dell'Ara.
     It was also mentioned that we need to attract people to participate in the project without necessarily being on the SC.

Advisory Committee Revisited
     Reviewed the status of the formation of an advisory committee. Patty suggested we wait until Pat in on board, since we don't currently have the capacity to manage additional infrastructure.

Oscar and bulletin board
     Oscar was asked about locating a bulletin board near the duck pond. He Oscar would like us to identify the exact location, and suggested we include a trash bin with a small opening (but he is not requiring one), and that we be responsible for emptying it.
     Bulletin Board Subcommittee: Judy, Ken, and Michael Potts

Oscar and perspective buyers
     Discussion regarding commercial land and perspective buyers. The issue as to appropriate use was brought up. It was suggested that the perspective buyers might want to become involved in the planning process. Vince made a motion that the SC request to Oscar that he refrain from selling any Caspar parcels, including those in Downtown. Michael seconded the motion. Yes - 1, No - 4, Abstained - 4. Motion declined.
     Meridian suggested we ask Oscar for some more time to consider our response. A subcommittee was formed to continue the discussion: Meridian, Mike, Michael, & Ken.

Susana's Survey Results/Presentation
     We are moving toward a single conceptual plan. There is some work to do on the presentation.

Mendocino Land Trust Follow-up
     Discussion involved how to follow-up with the MLT. Subcommittee gave a report on their meeting. Decision to hold off on contacting the MLT until they had a chance to respond to our MOU.

Meeting/Presentation to Board of Supervisors
     We are on the 12/1/98 agenda in Ukiah. We will review who is on the subcommittee and set up a meeting to organize the presentation.

Subcommittee on Oscar and perspective buyers
     The subcommittee reported back to the SC. After further discussion the SC suggested that we work with Oscar to find a place for perspective buyers in the tentative plan, which reflects the community's planning process with UCB, by Jan. '99.

Miscellaneous new business
     A Draft In kind Voucher was passed around by Judy for review (for tracking in kind contributions)
     Judy asked if we wanted to consider having Randy Hester come to the Dec. Community Mtg. to help facilitate gathering community input for a single community plan?
     Postcard Mailing for the November meeting: Judy will mail; Michael will generate 300 name mailing list; Judy will write and Michael will review an article for the paper.

respectfully submitted by Patty Madigan

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