Caspar Community Meeting minutes : : 9 May 1999 meeting

     As the circle filled with latecomers, a few announcements were made: we meet in the Mendocino Coast Jewish Community Center, not the Caspar Shul as has been incorrectly reported in the past. A letter of the thanks to the Mendocino Coast Jewish Community was circulated.
     When all had been seated in the circle, we introduced ourselves as has become customary. There were some new faces and some stalwarts.
     Vince Taylor summarized the Gorse Meeting which would take place on Monday night, 10 May: Gorse is becoming a major concern in Caspar, and not just for the State Park folks. We must find a way to combat its steady incursions, and this may require some measures with which not all of us are comfortable. The Gorse meeting is meant to address this issue, and anyone with concerns should come and express them.
     Patty Madigan reported for the Traffic Brigade, who have walked the community with officials from the County. Traffic calming measures and restoration of signage is under study.
     Meridian Green gave a brief report on the deliberations of the committee under the leadership of Dennis Fleming which is studying formation of a Community Services District. Boundaries have been determined -- best, it turns out, to use existing boundaries, which go roughly from Caspar to Jughandle Creek and from the ocean to the JSDF boundary.
     Michael Potts urged folks to come to the benefit Brunch and Auction, and then told about plans for future events.
     Judy Tarbell brought us up to date on the situation with negotiations between Caspar Lumber Company and the Trust for Public Land -- they are very close to signing an option for the headlands and riparian -- and the need to continue to lobby the legislature to include funding in the supplementary budget.
     We reconfigured the chairs so we could watch some new footage found by historian Bruce Levene from the 1903 movie made of operations by the Caspar Lumber Company. Several old-timers had anecdotes, and one former Caspar employee showed a photo of the new Caspar Creek bridge under construction.

Attendance: 30

submitted by Michael Potts

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