Caspar Community Meeting minutes : : 13 December 1998 meeting

     Through the rain and the cold, 21 people made their way to the "What's A Foot" building in downtown Caspar to attend the Caspar Community Project December Community Meeting. They came to learn what has been and will be happening in their community.
     The meeting was opened at 3:15 PM by Pat Ackley, Caspar Community Coordinator. She began the meeting by introducing the members of the Steering Committee. She also asked for volunteers to sign up for hosting a neighborhood meeting sometime in early 1999.
     Pat also pointed out the displayed fundraising events calendar that has been developed by the Steering Committee's Fundraising Sub-Committee, chaired by Michael Potts.
     The program presented for the afternoon was a 5-part presentation that had previously been presented to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission in Ukiah by Steering Committee Members. The program consisted of:
     Patty Madigan: Introduced the presentation with a brief history of Caspar and how it got to where it is currently.
     Vince Taylor: Reviewed the long-range goals for the Caspar Community Project.
     Mike Dell'Ara: Laid out how the goals will be attained while maintaining intregity and insuring all parties, including the property seller, are treated fairly and equitability.
     Michael Potts: Explained the accomplishments so far, i.e. developing a plan, hiring the coordinator, and the Annual GorseFestival.
     Judy Tarbell: Laid out the next steps to purchasing and preserving the headlands and to finding a way to develop the rest of the land in a way most responsive to Caspar residents and maintaining the "Caspar State of Mind".
     After the presentation, the meeting participants formed a conversation circle. Everyone present introduced themselves and then the discussion centered on why people were there and interested in the sustainability and future of the area.
     At 4:45 PM, the meeting was adjourned. Ginger snaps, assorted cookies,and heated cider were served to warm up those in attendance.
     The meeting was a success in sharing information with Caspar citizens who want to stay abreast of what is happening in their community.
     Thanks and appreciation for helping goes to -

Joe Smith and Harold Ginsburg for making What's Afoot available
Matt Rowland who provided the heater and chairs
Mary Flannery Kraut brought cookies and a crock pot (to heat cider).
Patty Madigan for getting the environment ready for human occupation
Judy Tarbell for her stove and pot.
Michael Potts for his crock pot and set-up of the meeting site.
     I would also like to thank all those residents who signed up to host a neighborhood meeting sometime in the new year.

Respectfully submitted by Pat Ackley, Caspar Community Coordinator December 15, 1998

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