Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 6 November 1998

Vince, Pat, Peter, Ken, Susan, Judy, Mike, Meridian, Hunter, Patty; a planned 2-hour meeting.

Oscar Smith Follow up
     Mike DelAra talked with Oscar Smith and basically was told again that people are looking at the property.

Caspar Commons
     Meridian talked a little about our need to be less reactive and to put together an idea to go forward with a plan for purchase.... group of 1/2 dozen companies that get their charter from the community, Ag., light industry, community services, education - look at what is needed by the community - people to look land based - charter - long basis of serving the community... Meeting of the Sub Committee -Land Acquisition- already formed and now others added..... meeting Sunday 11/15/98 10 AM Chair-Meridian, Michael, Susan, Peter.... meeting at Meridian's ofc.
     Merridian discussed... possibilities... Downtown Business Co operatives- under one business.... light industry community services etc....discussion.

Planning ideas
     Everyone (Steering Committee) submit ideas in writing for next Friday (12 copies each). Sunday meeting to get ideas and input from community - form to be handed out Sunday.

     Pat will have forms to be made for reports from Subcommittees... in the future.

  1. Land Acquisition.... chair Meridian, Michael, Hunter, Susan, Peter. (meeting 11/15/98 10 Am at Meridian's ofc.
  2. CC and MLT Liaison.... chair Ken, Mike, Vince, Judy. (meeting 11/12/98 10 AM Judy's)
  3. Plan/Vision for Caspar to Oscar & Control of Land- Zoning, Specific Plan... chair Patty, Judy, Michael, Hunter, Mike, Susan. (meeting 11/12/98 12 Noon at Patty's)
  4. Presentation to Supes and Planning Comm... chair Vince, Patty, Michael, Judy. (meeting 11/9 8 AM Vince's)
  5. WinterFest... chair Susan, Patty, Tommy. (meeting 11/6/98 at Patty's)

         Meridian will put together a thank you letter for publication. And Pat will do this in the future.
         Table- 2 weeks- for a future party or gathering for significant others of the Steering Committee. Susan discussed... Possible dinner at Inn before the event 12/13/98 Winterfest.... Susan will let SC know.

    respectfully submitted by Hunter

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