Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 11 December 1998

Ken Clark, Michael Potts, Vince Taylor, Meridian Green, Mary Flannery Kraut, Judy Tarbell, Mike Dell'Ara at Pat Ackley's. A planned 1.5-hour meeting.

Fundraising Idea
      Mike Dell'Ara presented his proposal for a long-term fundraiser, to raise money to purchase the headlands. The proposal includes the creation of an organic living monument to the preservation of the headlands. Stones or plaques would be purchased with the buyers names imprinted on them. Mike's preliminary project proceeds could be $3,900,000.
     Michael Potts suggested that more fact-finding was needed. Questions that need to answered are:

  1. Would Oscar be willing to separate the headlands from the balance of the property that is for sale?
  2. What is the potential from such a campaign?
  3. What restrictions/limitations would there be in California to do such a project?
  4. Is more money needed in the endowment account?
  5. Will appeal become the major fundraiser?

    Organization Structure
         At the December 4th Meeting, the Steering Committee voted to dedicate 15 minutes of each meeting to reviewing various organizational structures before deciding whih one to adopt. Pat Ackley introduced her proposal. No action.

    Fire Protection
         Meridian Green proposed a "Fire Barn Raising". Meridian will research availability of resource (Ft. Bragg Fire Dept.'s cooperation) and feasibility of the project.

    Next Meetings
         Motion was made to cancel the December 25th and January 1st Meetings. M/S/P

    Gratefully submitted by Pat Ackley, Coordinator

    6 November SC minutes : 13 December CM minutes

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