Caspar Community Steering Committee Meeting :: 8 January 1999

Ken, Mary, Mike, Michael, Patty, Meridian, Vince, and Pat at Pat's residence. A planned 2.5-hour meeting.

Non-profit Status
     Need to determined name of organization. MOTION: To offer the name "Caspar Community" to the Community Meeting on Sunday, January 10th for radification. Patty Madigan will check to see if "Caspar Community can legally be used.

1999 Events & Fundraising
     Michael presented the 199 Calendar of Events, which was approved by acclamation. Plan will be maintained at the website and published in the newsletter.
     The option of credit card giving was discussed. Pat Ackley will investigate the possibility with Ross Welch at the Savings Bank of Mendocino.

     The Newsletter shedule was reviewed and approved.

Goals for 1999
     After reviewing potential goals for 1999, Patty Madigan offered to organize and prioritize them and bring them back to the next SC meeting.

Grant Applications
     The Trails Grant to the Coastal Conservancy has been formatted and prepared for mailing.

Caspar Beach Management
     Ken Clark as agreed to represent, along with Pat Ackley, the Caspar Community on the Caspar Beach Management Committee.

Community meetings
     There was a discussion as to donating to the Shul for use of their building for the Monthly Community Meetings. Arrangements for reserving the Shul need to be done in advance. Pat will proceed.
     Patty Madigan will facilitate the Community Meeting. There was a discussion in regard to merit of serving refreshments. It was decided that the refreshment would be served outside.

Community Office
     The Community Office will be completed by end of next week and Coordinator will be moving in.

respectfully submitted by Pat Ackley with editing by Michael Potts

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