Caspar Community Meeting minutes : : 8 November 1998 meeting

Final UC Plan submitted

     Vince Taylor, Caspar Community Project Steering Committee Member, opened the meeting and introduced the newly hired Caspar Community Coordinator, Pat Ackley.
     Susana Morais, UC Berkley Student, explained the three alternative plans for preserving and developing the Caspar Cattle Companyís land. The plans were offered for the communityís consideration. The plans offered: Grocery store, which would require regional marketing to support, and Walking/biking trails.

The following discussion regarding the plans presented included:

     The Caspar population is estimated to be 906. It was felt there needs to be a census taken to determine the exact population number.

Next steps for Steering Committee:

  1. Complete the one plan
  2. Survey the residents
  3. Compile community feedback
  4. Research existing developments
  5. Look into rezoning
  6. Research options for securing headlands

Money issues identified:

  1. Option on headlands
  2. Entity to purchase and hold land
  3. Grants
  4. $65,000 Goal (operational funds)
  5. Nonprofit / tax-exempt
  6. Obtaining land

Needed Subcommittee: Traffic. Attendees were invited to sign up for a Subcommittee.

Attendance: 44

submitted by Pat Ackley

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